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Cows are eating hay in a barn.
Feeds & Feeding

Cow calf feeding software with expert support

Support reproduction and animal health with a cost-effective nutrition program that uses economic modeling and individual animal data to ensure the needs of your animals are met.

A herd of cattle standing in a lush green field.

Product highlights

Optimize your operation with cost-effective feeding programs
Enhance your feeding practices for each stage of production
Access a team of experts grounded in data and research

Key Features

  • A couple of cows are standing in a field.

    Track your feeding with TELUS Animal Record Management

    TELUS Animal Record Management tracks ingredient usage and inventory levels, feeding summaries, daily feed intakes through the use of bunk management and detailed batch mixing.

  • A cow and a calf standing next to each other.

    Understand the impact of your nutrition program on your bottom line

    The feeding module provides clarity around the true cost of your nutrition program versus alternatives on a per day basis.

  • A herd of cattle standing on top of a grass covered hill.

    Access TELUS Agriculture’s team of nutritionists and animal scientists

    TELUS Agriculture experts formulate rations and with TELUS Animal Record Management can help you review feed costs to optimize net profitability.


    • Optimize your cow calf operation

      Track your feed management with our simple and easy-to-use program.

    • Implement the best feeding practices

      Make future breeding decisions based on feeding practices and outcomes – such as number of calves weaned per exposed female – to improve animal performance through genetic selection.

    • Create flexible feeding programs based on your herd

      Optimize the best feeding outcomes for your herd with tailored consulting provided by our experts.

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