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Bird’s-eye view of cattle and two cattle ranchers on horseback.

Product highlights

Get support every step of the way from our veterinary and production consulting team

Receive bilingual training for your staff

Get real-time monitoring from your TELUS Agriculture experts

Key Features

  • Improve your operation with real-time monitoring by a team of experts

    The health of individual animals and entire populations are monitored by TELUS Agriculture experts to manage disease.

    Meet our team
    Team members looking at a feedlot bunk
  • Access a large team of production experts

    Training provided to help feedlots manage day-to-day feed manufacturing and delivery.

    Meet our team
    Team member evaluating feedlot cattle
  • Benefit from a data-based approach to production consulting

    Data-based collection and analysis, using TELUS Feedlot Record Management, combined with large-pen commercial field trials and economic modeling to develop customized production and management recommendations.

    Meet our team
    Team member and client discussing recommendations for feedlot cattle


  • Support from our expert veterinary team

    With our modules you receive access to a large team of expert veterinarians and Ph.D. animal scientists with many years of feedlot experience.

  • Recommendations based on large-pen field trials

    Work with the leading research-based consulting company for your tailored recommendations.