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Product highlights

Improve the overall health of your calves

Tailored strategies based on research and economic modeling

Stay informed with live data collection technology

Improve outcomes with data-informed decision making

Receive bilingual support from our expert veterinary team

Improve practices over time with TELUS Digital Post Mortem

Key Features

  • Improve your operation through data-informed insights

    Unlock your calves’ potential by working with our team of experts across the globe to understand the unique challenges your operation faces.

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  • Custom inventory management to monitor your pharmaceuticals

    With TELUS Animal Record Management, track your inventory to facilitate proactive restocking, all while monitoring your recorded pharmaceutical usage compared to actual product disappearance.

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  • Industry leading data collection with TELUS Calf Grower Record Management

    Collect valuable data and receive tailored health protocols in real time with TELUS Calf Grower Record Management.

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  • Improve the overall health of your calves

    Prevent disease and manage treatment with cost-effective strategies based on each animal's risk profile with the support of TELUS Agriculture experts.

  • Implement cost-effective strategies

    Make better informed decisions about health strategies and health protocols using large scale commercial field trial data and economic modeling.

  • Get the latest in live data collection technology

    Support your calves’ health and production goals with tailored health protocols from our experts to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Data-informed decision making

    Receive custom reports with our team’s data insights collected through TELUS Animal Record Management and TELUS Digital Animal Post Mortem.

  • Multilingual support from our expert team

    With our Animal Health module you receive access to a large team of expert veterinarians and animal scientists with years of calf grower experience.

  • Improve practices over time

    Our digital approach puts important information in your hands while tracking data provides key insights every step of the way.

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