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A close up of a calf in a pen.
TELUS Calf Grower Record Management

Health and production management made easy

Support your management decisions with seamless access to consulting veterinarians and nutritionists to improve individual animal management and the health of your herd.

Two women walking in a field with a farm in the background.

Product highlights

Capture events throughout an animal’s lifetime
Benchmark your cattle for future management decisions
Enjoy ease of management by connecting to peripherals
Access customized health protocols from your veterinarian
Share data with third-party partners
Bridge information gaps and improve profitability

Key Features

  • A person pointing at a tablet screen with a chart on it.

    Simple and intuitive herd management software

    With offline and online functionality that works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop, you can be sure to capture data anytime, anywhere.¹

  • A man feeding a calf from a bottle.

    Improve your herd's health, quality and profitability

    Work with TELUS Agriculture experts using data-informed insights to improve the health and productivity of your cattle by tracking and monitoring key information down to the individual animal level.

  • A man and a woman sitting at a desk with a laptop.

    Insights and analytics for making better decisions

    Receive insights and analytical reports from TELUS Agriculture experts based on calving data, treatment history and breeding records to inform key decisions.


    • Capture data across the animal's entire life

      All cattle records – including health, breeding, genetic, and feeding records – are in one spot and can be viewed using a global link.

    • Benchmark your herd to help future decisions

      Advance your herd by using data to help you design your breeding programs. Measure the performance and reproductive efficiency of your entire herd to support decision making.

    • Share data with third-party partners

      Easily integrate with breed management associations, genetic companies, and veterinarians.

    • Connect to peripherals

      Our platform connects to RFID scanners and scale heads to allow for efficient individual animal processing, regardless of the handling event.

    • Communicate with your veterinarian

      Provide quicker care for your herd by accessing your veterinarian’s customized protocols through TELUS Calf Grower Record Management.

    • Bridge information gaps, improve profitability

      Confidently stand behind your certified and branded beef programs with individual animal traceability while tracking and sharing key data with integrated partners.