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Make better informed decisions

A line of cattle eating hay.

Our industry experts help to enhance your operation with access to data and insights, health monitoring in real time and findings from large-scale commercial field trial data.

Solutions to let you work smarter not harder

  • TELUS Calf Grower

    Online animal record management made easy

    Improve herd health and performance by making informed decisions as TELUS Animal Record Management tracks your animal's attributes from conception to harvest.

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    A close up of a calf in a pen.
  • Animal Health

    Optimize the health and well-being of your cattle

    Help prevent disease and manage treatment with cost-effective strategies through the collection of daily data, real-time access to health information and customizable reports.

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    A black and white cow sticking its head out of a stall.
  • Feeds & Feeding

    Improve your operational performance with our feeding program

    Build a cost-effective nutrition program that supports healthy, productive animals and efficient calf growers with customized strategies built by TELUS Calf Grower.

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    A group of cows in a pen, eating.
  • Individual Animal Management

    Optimize individual animal management

    Improve sorting and profitability by managing your occupancy and production logistics of your calf grower with TELUS Dynamic Sorting.

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    A cow sticking its head out of a stall.
  • Performance Enhancement Product Protocols

    Maximize the economic potential of your animals

    Uncover cost-effective strategies with customized performance enhancement product protocol recommendations based on TELUS Agriculture’s large-scale commercial field trial data and economic modeling.

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    A man feeding a calf from a bottle.
  • Research

    Industry-leading calf grower research, infrastructure and expertise

    TELUS Agriculture cattle health and production research uses large- and small-pen commercial research to provide specific answers to broad questions.

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    A person holding a tablet with a chart on it.

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