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A group of cows in a pen, eating.
Feeds & Feeding

Improve your operational performance with our feeding program

Build a cost-effective nutrition program that supports healthy, productive animals and efficient calf growers with customized strategies built by TELUS Calf Grower.

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Product highlights

Find cost-effective calf grower feeding programs
Create rations and supplements for each stage of production
Access experts grounded in large-scale commercial field trials
Ensure responsible and compliant use of products
Implement best feeding practices

Key Features

  • A man feeding a calf from a bottle.

    Build an optimal nutritional program

    Measure the performance of your cattle from breeding through weaning calves and entering dairy or feedlot operations.

  • A person holding a tablet with a chart on it.

    Keep your feeding records at your fingertips

    Proactively alert your nutritionist to provide guidance using TELUS Calf Grower Record Management’s individual animal feed system.

  • A person pointing at a tablet screen with a chart on it.

    Access TELUS Agriculture’s team of nutritionists and animal scientists

    Rely on our nutrition experts for data-informed decisions about your calf grower operation.


    • Find cost-effective feeding programs

      Optimize the net cost of production using feeding strategies focused on dairy or feedlot production while viewing individual animal reports to improve your customized program.

    • Create and measure the best feeding practices

      Improve future animal performance with nutrition consulting focused on all aspects of production, including outcome-based diet formulations.

    • Access TELUS Agriculture experts

      Refine your calf growers quality control and bunk management with training from our bi-lingual team.

    • Tailored production protocols

      Determine the net economic impact of each feeding program, built on your commodity availability, stage of production and goals.

    • Responsible and compliant use of products

      Access a comprehensive view of individual animal protocols and withdrawal periods to ensure proper animal management.

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