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Product highlights

Track health, performance and nutrition of your clients’ animals

Effectively support more customers virtually

Upload protocols in your veterinarian management software

Pharmaceutical and product ordering and distribution¹

Summarize, analyze and interpret key data sets

Expand your services and provide consultation with the use of insights

Improve oversight efficiently with trigger reports

Key Features

  • Join the next generation of bovine DVM support

    Leverage TELUS Animal Record Management to digitally implement your health protocols to improve the overall health and well-being of your clients’ herds.

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  • Offer stronger, data-driven advice

    Tailor-made reporting from TELUS Agriculture to support your consulting with scheduled and trigger reports.

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  • Reference a list of pharmaceutical products

    A country-specific list of pharmaceutical products embedded in the software for you to reference. Available for Canada, Mexico and the United States.

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  • Build your practice

    Enhance your customer experience and cattle management with access to more accurate data for consultation opportunities.

  • Track and manage data on individual animals

    All cattle records including health, breeding, genetic, and feeding data are in one place and can be viewed using a direct link.

  • Enhance animal health and production outcomes

    Provide key consultation to ensure the best possible health and production outcomes for your customers.

  • Upload protocols and receive alerts

    Provide your own protocols, monitor health outcomes and receive cohort benchmarking in real time using your veterinarian management software.

  • Receive support every step of the way

    When you work with TELUS Agriculture you gain access to a large team of expert veterinarians with years of production experience.

  • Support your customers with virtual visits

    Provide remote support to your clients to optimize the health of their herds and efficiency of your day.

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  1. Applicable to Canadian clients only.