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Product highlights

Optimize procurement and marketing strategies using data modeling

Utilize operation- and cattle type-specific marketing models

Access your refined cost of production estimates

Key Features

  • Refine procurement and marketing strategies

    TELUS Agriculture experts extract insights from your feedlot’s historical animal health and production data to customize procurement models for your operation.

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  • Evaluate marketing options

    Our experts conduct detailed economic modeling, including various grid marketing options, to help you make the most profitable marketing decision for each group of animals.

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  • Leverage data to buy and sell cattle

    Gain a competitive advantage with TELUS Agriculture experts who use historical health, production and carcass characteristic data from your operation to model procurement and marketing.

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  • Use custom marketing models

    Maximize returns with optimal execution of animal health, performance enhancement products and individual animal management strategies from TELUS Feedlot Record Management.

  • Access production-cost analysis

    Sensitivity analysis developed specifically for your operation which takes into consideration how changes in commodity and biological outcomes can affect profitability.

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