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Bird’s-eye view of cattle and two cattle ranchers on horseback.

Product highlights

Evaluate site-specific feeding opportunities

Implement cost-effective production practices

Receive bi-lingual training for your staff

Get real-time monitoring from your TELUS Agriculture experts

Access a large team of TELUS Agriculture experts

Key Features

  • Strategies based on large-pen field trials and economic modeling

    Customized cost-effective feeding strategies developed by TELUS Agriculture experts using research and economic modeling.

    A person holding a tablet in front of a herd of cows.
  • Access a large team of production experts

    Expert-provided training to help feedlots manage day-to-day feed manufacturing and delivery.

    A man holding a handful of grain in his hands.
  • Summarized data analysis in real-time

    Scheduled reports, customized to your feedlot, to assist in future decision making.

    A bulldozer scoops grain into a big pile.


  • The most cost-effective feeding programs

    Optimize the net cost of production with customized feeding programs supported by research-backed principles based on performance, health and carcass outcomes.

  • Implement the best feeding strategies

    Accurately project cattle performance, health and carcass characteristics, based on research, commodity availability and price, to optimize cost of gain.

  • Create stronger, more effective strategies

    Determine the net economic impact of each feeding program through comprehensive economic modeling to investigate a variety of commodity costing scenarios.

  • Implement best practices

    Refine your feedlot’s quality control and bunk management with training from our bi-lingual team.

  • Receive real-time monitoring

    Optimize your feeding program with real-time monitoring of metabolic events, centralized from TELUS Feedlot Record Management and other data collection sources.

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