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Product highlights

Improve the overall health of your feedlot animals

Use strategies grounded in large-pen commercial research

Get the latest in chute-side technology

Enhance outcomes with data-based decision making

Get support every step of the way from our veterinary team

Monitor mortality on an ongoing basis and implement control procedures

Reliable pharmaceutical product and consumables supply

Key Features

  • Data-driven insights backed by research

    Our experts use a decision-making framework, rooted in the latest feedlot data stemming from research in pilot to large-pen commercial fields, to optimize your health and production goals.

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  • Improve your operation with real-time monitoring by a team of experts

    The health of individual animals and entire populations are monitored by TELUS Agriculture experts to manage disease.

    A veterinarian holding a bottle of medicine in his hands.
  • Industry leading data collection with TELUS Feedlot Record Management

    TELUS Feedlot Record Management, formerly iFHMS, our chuteside data management program, collects valuable data and is a source for real-time health protocols.

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  • Improve the health of your feedlot animals

    Prevent disease and manage treatments with cost-effective strategies based on each animal's population risk profile with the help of TELUS Agriculture’s extensive research.

  • Implement cost-effective strategies

    Make informed decisions about animal health strategies and protocols using large-pen commercial field trial data and economic modeling.

  • Get the latest in chute side technology

    Receive support and use TELUS Feedlot Record Management to reach your animal health and production goals with tailored health protocols, monitoring of health outcomes and cohort benchmarking

  • Monitor mortality on an ongoing basis

    Collect valuable mortality information and gain key insights every step of the way with TELUS Digital Animal Post Mortem.

  • Enhance outcomes with data

    Receive custom reports with our team’s data insights collected through TELUS Feedlot Record Management and TELUS Digital Animal Post Mortem.

  • Receive support from our expert veterinary team

    With our Animal Health module you receive access to a large team of expert veterinarians with years of feedlot experience.

  • Reliable pharmaceutical product and consumables supply¹

    Manage the health and performance of your animals with easy access to the necessary products to ensure your animals are reaching their physiological endpoints.

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  1. Applicable to Canadian and U.S. clients.