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Product highlights

Customized feedlot protocols based on cost effectiveness

Proprietary software for training, monitoring and reporting

Data-informed recommendations from production experts

Strategies developed with research as the grounding principle

Optimize strategies tailored to your operation

Key Features

  • Make data-based decisions supported by economic models

    Comprehensive economic modeling, including analyses of various costing scenarios, is conducted using the findings from large-pen commercial field trials to determine the net economic impact.

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  • Implement protocol strategies

    Customized protocol strategies, evaluated and validated by our research and economic models, are tailored to your production conditions.

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  • Rely on a data-based approach to production consulting

    Data-based collection and analysis, using TELUS Feedlot Record Management, combined with large-pen commercial field trials and economic modeling to develop customized production and management recommendations.

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  • Customized feedlot protocol recommendations

    Maximize your returns knowing TELUS Agriculture experts are monitoring the optimal application of performance enhancement products and execution of protocols through the use of TELUS Feedlot Record Management, tools and training.

  • Access to research-backed strategies

    Optimize your feedlot production, animal health and carcass characteristic outcomes with customized variable implant protocols, backed by research.

  • Implement cost-effective strategies

    Use cost-effective performance enhancement protocols protocols based on cattle type, large-pen commercial field trial data, and our proprietary economic models.

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