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A person holding a tablet with a chart on it.
Research & Development

Industry-leading feedlot research, infrastructure, and expertise

Receive commercially relevant and comprehensive data, generated by TELUS Agriculture production and research, to help ensure operational growth and sustainability.

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Product highlights

Global data integration and analytic research solutions
User-friendly data collection and data storage tools
Answer cattle research questions important to your business
Expert team of veterinarians and cattle production specialists
Conduct research in feedlots and calf-grower operations
Customized small-pen studies to gain a competitive edge
Product licensing and field effectiveness studies
Robust research implementation standards
Publicly funded research

Key Features

  • A person holding a tablet in front of a herd of cows.

    A team of renowned cattle industry experts

    Combined, our team of consulting veterinarians and Ph.D. animal scientists have decades of experience making data-informed decisions using animal record management tools.

  • A veterinarian holding a bottle of medicine in his hands.

    A variety of research solutions to meet your needs

    Conduct research on any scale from small pilot studies to large-scale commercial field trials, both in real-world production settings, to help drive effective decision making and supporting business goals.

  • A person with blue gloves putting food in a container on a scale.

    Product & technology research development

    TELUS Agriculture completes a comprehensive analysis of innovative products and technologies using in-field trials, data collection and storage tools.


    • Research solutions

      Global data integration and analytic solutions, with emphasis on providing high-quality data to answer the research questions important to your business.

    • User-friendly data storage and collection

      Our team supports informed decision making by developing and testing industry leading data collection platforms and data management solutions to fit your needs.

    • Answer questions important to your business

      Gain a competitive edge in your own part of the world, test your product development and benefit from our in-house research knowledge.

    • Product licensing and field effectiveness studies

      Conduct product safety and field effectiveness studies for licensing of new veterinary pharmaceuticals and products or evaluating new indications for existing ones.

    • Product innovation

      Maximize productivity, optimize efficiency, and promote business and industry sustainability with products and technologies researched to their fullest potential.

    • Robust research implementation standards

      Conduct your research with a team knowledgeable in animal welfare standards, study design, field implementation, data quality control, and results interpretation track record.

    • Publicly funded research

      Collaborate with academic institutions, independent research firms and government agencies to provide information on important industry topics.

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