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Cattle management software

Online cow/calf record management made easy

Enable better cattle management with a fully integrated cattle record program customizable for your purebred or commercial cow/calf operation

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    Access to crucial health management information

    Maintain a healthy herd by creating customized herd health and individual treatment protocols in collaboration with your herd veterinarian. Herdtrax also comes with a complete list of cattle pharmaceuticals along with the recommended dosage, route of administration and withdrawal time.

    Collect individual animal data chuteside in real time by scanning the animal’s RFID or doing a quick lookup using the tag ID.

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    A simple way to manage your feeding program

    Enter and track all of your feeding for each animal, whether you feed using single ingredients (i.e bales) or total mixed rations that require batch mixing and bunk calls.

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    Collect the data you need to develop successful breeding programs

    Access to current and historic calving data to give you the information you need to build a successful and healthy breeding program. Keep your records up to date, readily accessible and organized using only your phone (online or offline).

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    Optional integration with third parties

    Allow public access to each animal’s entire history, using a global URL link that can be inserted into other data systems (iFHMS, BIXS, CCIA, CFIA, IMI Global).

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