Move Home Services to a new address and cancel existing service

How to transfer TELUS Home Services to a new location and cancel your existing service

Moving is stressful. We want to make moving your TELUS services as painless as possible.

To learn more about how to move your home services, visit:

Book by phone

Call us at 1-855-233-2301 to book an appointment

Have this information ready when you call

  • TELUS account number (also have your account PIN and the last 3 digits of your drivers licence or social insurance number, or your account PIN and date of birth)
  • Contact number during your move
  • Full address of where you’re moving from and to. For rural addresses, please supply the rural civic or legal land description and/or the lot block and plan
  • Preferred disconnection and connection dates

Additional information

  • If you live in an apartment or condo, arrange to give our technicians access to the telephone room on moving day
  • Place your TV(s) in the location you would like them to be connected
  • Bring all cables and TELUS equipment with you to the new address
  • If you are an existing TELUS Fibre customer, do not remove the white fibre equipment box installed when we connected your home to fibre
  • Save any important voicemail messages
  • Someone over the age of 18 must be present during the entire move
  • On the installation date we will call to confirm your appointment
  • If you added new TELUS services, your first post-move bill amount may appear larger than normal because it will include more than one month of services

Note: For a handy checklist of things to remember, download the TELUS moving checklist

Return your equipment

Upon cancelling TELUS Optik TV, Satellite TV or Internet, you need to return your rental equipment by following these steps:

  1. Call TELUS to change or cancel the rental equipment at 310-2255. If your billing address is not the address where you would like the return instructions to be delivered, please inform the representative

  2. You will receive return instructions and a postage-paid return waybill within 1-3 business days

  3. Once you have received the return waybill from TELUS, securely pack the equipment in a box of your choice. Don’t forget to include accessories such as remotes and cables

Important: Please securely pack your return devices, stuffing empty space with paper or other packing material to prevent damage to the equipment during transit.

  1. Once your box is packed, affix the TELUS-supplied return waybill to the box. This step is important because:
  • The TELUS waybill is linked to your account. It helps us verify that you returned the equipment to us, in order to avoid charges for unreturned equipment
  • Postage cost will be billed to TELUS (there is no cost to you)
  1. Just in case we can’t link the waybill to your account, please also include the first page of your TELUS home services bill in the box, or provide the following information:
  • First and last name of the account holder
  • Address of the account holder
  • Telephone number associated with the account
  • Full account number (the last four digits are included here <account #>)
  1. Drop the package off at a Canada Post outlet of your choice. With the waybill, there will be no shipping cost. To find a convenient Canada Post outlet near you, visit

  2. Please keep your copy of the waybill for reference and for tracking purposes


  • If you have not receive the return waybill within 5 business days, please call us at 310-2255
  • If your rental equipment is not received within 28 days from cancellation, the equipment replacement charges will be applied to your bill. The charges will be credited back when the equipment is returned

Cancelling your service

We’ll mail a kit with instructions on returning equipment to your billing address.

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