Welcome to TELUS Procurement

In partnership with our suppliers, TELUS Procurement provides value to our customers by delivering outstanding products and services. Learn more about how we work with our suppliers and how to become one.

Our growing supplier network

TELUS has developed an ecosystem of partners who support our business operations, and we are proud of the strong long-term relationships we have developed with these suppliers.
We are always looking to expand our supplier base to accommodate our rapidly growing and diversifying customer base. To achieve this, our team continuously reviews our relationships across our different categories of spend and adds new partners1 who can best support our business needs.
What we look for in a supplier
TELUS Procurement requires each of its suppliers to meet the highest standards for all products and services, demonstrating their commitment to supply assurance, quality, service, cost, innovation, and social responsibility.
Suppliers we value
We value suppliers that take the time to understand our culture and expectations, learn and understand our business, and look for ways to drive continuous improvement.
Our business environment
Suppliers must also understand that our business environment is competitive and fast-paced and be agile and flexible in responding to changing business conditions. We appreciate suppliers who truly understand and share in our challenges and help us find the best possible solutions.
TELUS Supplier Code of Conduct
Drawing upon globally recognized standards to advance social and environmental responsibility and business ethics, the
TELUS Supplier Code of Conduct
(SCOC) goes beyond legal compliance and aligns with our commitment to be a leading corporate citizen.
We strive to award business to suppliers who adhere to our TELUS Supplier Code of Conduct which includes the
Paper & Packaging Policy
. These businesses show a strong commitment to:
  • Adopting sustainable, ethical, labour, health and safety, and environmental principles that align with ours
  • Ensuring the well-being of their employees, contractors and communities
Supplier Due Diligence Program
As a part of TELUS’ commitment to financial, social and environmental responsibility, all suppliers must comply with TELUS’ Supplier Due Diligence Policy. In adherence to TELUS’ values, this policy assists us in building and sustaining effective supplier relationships with minimal risk.
TELUS has partnered with a third-party risk management service,
Avetta, LLC
to manage supplier information and provide pre-qualification and risk assessment services. TELUS will invite qualified suppliers to register with Avetta. Suppliers are responsible for any costs associated with registration.

Promoting Environmental, Social‌ and Governance (ESG) practices across our supply chain:

Supplier sustainability
Partnering with suppliers for a sustainable supply chain
Our Sustainable Supplier Program is designed to ensure that our suppliers share our values and adhere to sustainable practices. Through this program, we collaborate with our suppliers to promote responsible sourcing, reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste‌ and support ethical labour practices.
An individual viewing their laptop in a warehouse. Behind them, there are two workers in hard hats preparing to lift boxes off a pallet.
Supplier diversity
Developing opportunities for diverse and 
Indigenous suppliers
Our commitment to supplier diversity and supporting Indigenous suppliers drives an enhanced and innovative customer experience. Through proactive measures, we create equal opportunities for suppliers, reflecting the diverse communities where we live, work‌ and serve.
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Become a TELUS supplier

We use the SAP Ariba platform to manage our supplier database. To join our Supplier Network, register below to become a prospective supplier. Registration2 is free and required to become a TELUS supplier.
Our team will conduct an initial verification to ensure your strengths and capabilities match our needs. We will then review the submitted information3 in more detail and approve suppliers who meet our requirements.
If approved, you become a TELUS supplier who may be used in the procurement process as needed.
If you are already registered with our SAP Ariba Network Portal, 
log in
using your username and password.

For further support

More information on SAP Ariba and customer support can be accessed 
. If you need help registering or logging in, please contact the SAP Ariba helpdesk:
  • United States and Canada (toll-free): 1-866-218-2155
  • United Kingdom (freephone): 0800-358-3556
  • Europe: +44-20-7187-4144
  • Asia: +65-6311-4745
  • All other locations: +1-412-222-6153