Understanding how service changes affect your Mobile services bill

How a rate plan or service change will affect your monthly mobility bill

Service changes

We bill you one month in advance. When you request a change to your rate plan or services, the change takes effect almost immediately and we adjust your monthly bill accordingly.

On your next bill, you will see the following line items:

  • A partial credit that covers the period when your previous rate plan or service was not being used
  • A partial fee for the period you are on the new rate plan or service for the current month
  • The regular monthly charge for the new rate plan or service
  • An upgrade fee if you upgraded to a new device in the middle of your contract
  • If you make changes to your plan, your pay-per-use rates may change for usage over what is included in your plan. For current pay-per-use rates, see telus.com/mobilityppu

Note: Your airtime, data and text messaging allotment are also prorated.

Charged twice for a Home Services feature

You may have recently changed features on your account. If so, your bill will show prorated charges for both the old and the new features.

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