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Supply chain management

Maximize supply chain efficiencies

Set and achieve the highest standards for products and services with tools that help manage every step of the product journey.

  • Centralized data

    Provide teams with easy access to product information

    Managing a complex global supply chain can be a burden on internal teams. Streamline supply chain information with tools that help simplify administrative tasks, while centralizing all product and due diligence information in one secure location.

    • Ensure teams have the most up-to-date information on a cloud-based platform
    • Empower suppliers to manage their own documentation
    • Gain confidence in the supply network by capturing due diligence information
  • Warehouse management

    Respond to issues and create solutions in real time

    Make informed decisions with confidence by leveraging a system of best practices, alerts and validation tools tailored to inventory and product visibility needs. Immediate notification of non-compliance and risk areas enables an immediate response to problems.

    • Spot trends over time with system-generated alerts and focused analytics
    • Capitalize on trends with access to performance metrics
    • Targeted insights to help spot trends and immediately respond to problems
  • Supply chain transparency

    Know your supply chain, inside and out

    Proactively manage risk, optimize efficiency and increase profitability by understanding product origins and collaborating directly with the supply chain base.

    • Build a more direct supply chain by understanding product origins
    • Capture key due diligence requirements and identify areas of vulnerability and risk
    • Manage risks by setting criteria for product sourcing
    • Gain visibility into over 72,000 supply chain sites in 120+ countries
  • Grower and supplier management

    Know your supplier visibility, capabilities and inventory

    Make collaborating with supply chain partners easier with a centralized platform that allows for improved visibility and security of product supply.

    • Reduce administrative burden on teams by empowering suppliers to manage their own compliance documentation
    • Build a more direct supply chain
    • Quickly and easily identify areas of vulnerability requiring attention
  • Supplier management standards

    Vendor Quality Control, Management, and Adherence

    Ensure the consistent and accurate collection of data, and access validation tools, that make it easy to report on performance.

    • Create and manage audits and site assessments in the cloud
    • Define and manage risks with tailored validation tools
    • Access 60,000 audits in 14 languages
  • Product performance

    Just in Time Production, Risk, Diligence and Audit

    Respond quickly to problems and capitalize on trends with access to performance metrics through interactive dashboards and tailored validation tools.

    • Proactively manage risk
    • Centralize all product and due diligence in one platform
    • Manage complex information with automated data
    • Access 60,000 audits in 14 languages
  • Traceability

    Backward integration management, know your supply chain

    Help to ensure continuity of product supply, and manage supply chain due diligence, with tools that can provide with the visibility, key insights, and analytics, that start at the source.

    • Gain inbound visibility with complete tracking
    • Work with clear and easily understandable invoices
    • Experience a reduction in delivery errors and lost documents
    • Grow and differentiate the business with the right supply chain partners
  • Audits and assessments

    Manage certification and audits

    Reduce errors in production and grow trust with customers through accurate auditing and business assessment tools.

    • Reduce risk of error and minimize food safety issues
    • Create and manage audits
    • Centralize all supply chain due diligence information
    • 3,400 integrated Good Agricultural Practices certificates (GLOBAL GAP)
  • Sustainability

    Achieve sustainability goals and increase customer confidence in the way food is sourced

    Show a commitment to sustainability with tools that offer visibility through all stages of the processing cycle.

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    • Show sustainability credentials with standardised and tailored assessment templates
    • Benchmark sustainability criteria across the entire supply base
    • Gain insight tools with Cool Farm Alliance membership

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