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TELUS Warehouse Management System

Gain visibility and control across your warehouses

When your warehouse is in order, every order can be perfect. Better visibility and control of your warehouse operations helps you improve efficiency, reduce waste, and boost your margins.

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Product highlights

Track lot and attributes like GTIN, country of origin and harvest location

System-generated lots improve speed and efficiency

Replenish dedicated and non-dedicated pick slots on demand

Record and convert weights, sizes, and temperature controls

Manage your workforce with integrated Labour Management System (LMS)

Support and integrated invoicing for 3rd-party logistics (3PL)

Fully compliant with PTI, GS1-128 GTIN and voice pick box codes

Key features

  • A group of people working in a warehouse.

    Decrease mispicks

    Implement best practices with scanning and pick check digits from receiving to shipping, with a system designed to meet the stringent demands of foodservice that focuses on efficiency and error elimination.

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    Increase labour productivity

    Help your staff work more efficiently with online scheduling, load planning tools, mobile device integration and the integrated Labor Management System (LMS) that measures and boosts productivity.

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    Expanded visibility and management options

    Save time and streamline your processes with automated Count Back, customizable verifications, and rich traceability that keeps track of inventory spoiling and improves your management options.


    • Boost pick throughput

      Grow fulfillment and decrease mispicks by automating manual processes and implementing enhanced visibility over your warehouse.

    • Reduce pick errors and costs

      Prevent pick errors with improved inventory accuracy and system validation that the correct product lot is selected.

    • Improve labour efficiency

      Enhance shipping accuracy and fill rates while reducing labour hours required with more efficient management, wave picking, mobile device integration, pick by voice capabilities and more.

    • Quick and accurate inventory valuations

      Automatically direct pickers to “Count Back” the inventory to verify appropriate slots and locations.

    • Ensure food safety compliance

      Built to meet stringent food safety requirements, TELUS Warehouse Management System can track expiry dates, storage requirements, and even allergens.

    • Meet disparate regulatory requirements

      Capture and convert across measurement systems and ensure you meet regulatory requirements as you ship across the globe.

    • 3PL support

      Rent out warehouse space and let the system automatically generate charges and invoices for storage and handling based on each customer’s unique billing rates.

    • Out of the box, with everything you need

      Keep IT and development costs low with a fully-integrated system that’s quick and easy to implement.

    • Pre-solve your problems

      Included in TELUS Warehouse Management System are years worth of solutions designed across industries, so if you have a problem, odds are we’ve already solved it.

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