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TELUS Sustainability

Collect, measure and report on the sustainability of crop and dairy products

A comprehensive approach that uses intelligent benchmarking and data-driven insights to help you show progress towards your Scope 3 sustainability goals.

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Product highlights

Collect sustainability data to generate reliable KPIs

Assess performance across the supply chain

Robust calculations and integration with the Cool Farm Tool

Easy collaboration across the supply chain

Benchmark supply chain partners on sustainability metrics

Inform and track continuous improvement

Evidence brand trust

Improve your data quality and accuracy

Key features

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    Create visibility of your supply chain back to the producer

    Uncover valuable insights into the structure of your supply chain by mapping your suppliers back to the producer level across simple or complex multi-tier supply chains.

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    Benchmark your suppliers

    Benchmark supplier performance against your sustainability KPIs and engage them on identified improved practice opportunities.

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    Measure crop and dairy product sustainability production

    Establish benchmarks of your present performance, pinpoint areas for improvement and monitor progress towards your sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs) over time.


    • Easy collaboration

      Simplify the process for suppliers and producers to provide sustainability metrics and facilitate collaboration on sustainability progress through an intuitive user interface.

    • Assess performance

      Inform your supply chain stakeholders and sustainability programmes with insights into their sustainability performance and trends across your supply base.

    • Continuously improve your sustainability program

      Develop a strategic roadmap for the future and gain a deeper understanding of how changes in practices can enhance how sustainably produced your crop and dairy products are.

    • Support decision-making through data

      Advance your sustainability program and journey and proactively plan future improvements with accurate and efficient data through powerful reporting and insights.

    • Evidence your sustainability credentials

      Catalyze meaningful change by demonstrating your business's positive environmental impact with comprehensive reports and disclosures on supplied products.

  • Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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