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Product highlights

Visualize and interact with your supply chains

Dynamic compliance and risk management

Evidence your sustainability credentials

Food fraud and integrity risk mapping

Quick and easy custom supplier questionnaires

Proposed Pesticide Usage (PPU) management system

Key Features

  • Map your entire supply chain network

    Enable better decision making by mapping your entire supply chain network back to source and capturing key due diligence requirements at every stage of the product journey.

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  • Evidence your sustainability credentials

    Drive continuous sustainability performance, identifying risks and opportunities for improvements against KPIs by simplifying the collection of sustainability data from supply chain partners.

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  • Reduce food safety and integrity risk

    Reduce product recall risk and reputation damage from food fraud through greater visibility into your risk management strategy and proactively taking action when needed.

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  • Prove provenance

    Build more resilient supply chains and improve dependability by understanding the origin of your products and ensure you are working with the right supply chain partners.

  • Reinvest your time

    Reduce the administrative burden on your teams by inviting suppliers to upload and manage their own compliance documentation, in line with your requirements.

  • Build brand trust

    Demonstrate how you are progressing on your brand commitments by using data collected from your supply chain as real-time evidence.

  • Targeted Insights

    Drive timely business decisions and enable immediate response by accessing data through system-generated alerts and focused analytics tools to identify trends over time.

  • Dynamic risk management

    Reduce risk of recall by defining and managing risks in your supply chain and quickly identify areas of vulnerability that require your attention.

  • Gather supplier data quickly

    React quickly to emerging risks by building and sending targeted one-off surveys to your suppliers with easy data management and onwards reporting through Excel.

  • Manage Proposed Pesticide Usage (PPUs)

    A simple yet rigorous online PPU management system that links to Fera and Homologa databases providing an industry-standard platform for your approval process.

Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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