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Product highlights

Verify profitability with advanced pricing and margin analysis

Gain visibility and control of prospecting and customer management

Enable sales by sharing GS1 item information via TELUS DATUM

Integrates with other TELUS solutions to expand your capabilities

Order entry is customer-driven for greater accuracy and ease of use

Device, operating system and form factor agnostic

Upsell with integrated marketing tools, including product suggestions

Templated implementations enable efficient adoption

Stable, secure and easily configured for maximum reliability

Flexible deployment includes on-premise or SaaS models

Key Features

  • Customer-oriented order entry

    Capture orders when and where they happen with an easy to use mobile platform, ensuring accuracy, reducing errors, and saving everyone time and effort.

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  • Increase order value

    Find greater flexibility when managing orders and sales with profitability analyses, price overrides and access to competitive pricing data.

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  • Work across more channels and business lines

    Bridge sales and eCommerce channels while you access processors, operators, manufacturers, club stores, CStores, distributors, warehouses and 3PL providers across the food and beverage industry.

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  • Make more on every sale

    Give your sales team the tools to improve order values and gross profits, including visibility into margins and volumes and the ability to specialize every transaction.

  • Improve sales team efficiency

    Automate and simplify tasks like invoicing and inventory tracking to reduce the time your teams spend on administration and research, so they can spend more time putting together the best sale possible.

  • Scale your business across multiple channels

    Configure and integrate your systems across multiple channels, removing unnecessary barriers to your sales team’s ability to sell the right product to the right customer at the right price.

  • Sell more with less outreach

    Direct advertising and specific promotions will support your sales team and give them better visibility into customer orders and order pricing guides.

  • Improve customer relationships

    Real-time information from your ERP gives you the visibility and control to address any customer issue quickly and effectively, helping to reduce the cost of errors and improve your relationships.

  • Simplify and streamline order entry

    Order entry is designed to be as easy as possible, capturing your customer’s request accurately and with little manual effort, reducing errors and improving compliance.

  • Low total cost of ownership

    Easy implementation and maintenance reduces the demands on your IT teams, and your teams can get up to speed quickly thanks to the intuitive design.

  • Integrate and automate

    Integrates with TELUS Sales Enablement, G2 Analytics, EDI and TPM to create an infrastructure of automation for your entire enterprise, increasing administrative processing efficiencies.

  • One platform, more capabilities

    Process deductions, perform billbacks, track bids and even generate custom forms, all inside one comprehensive platform.

  • Support multiple manufacturers

    Set different pricing structures for different manufacturers to reduce the need for manual changes and create a smoother user experience.

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