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TELUS Direct Store Delivery

Streamline operations and increase sales

Seamlessly integrate route creation, selling, loading, delivery and reconciliation of route activities to boost efficiency—and the bottom line.

A warehouse worker using a tablet in a warehouse.

Product highlights

Intuitive design means less extensive training and support

Greater visibility into delivery activity from warehouse to recipient

Mobile and back-end configurations for increased flexibility

Integrated and automated processes to boost sales and productivity

Timely information about product performance at the point of sale

Open integration with nearly any ERP system

Highly configurable through customizable workflows

Route and customer ordering along with proof of delivery

Customer servicing, route reconciliation and real-time communications

Key features

  • A group of people working on a computer in an office.

    Uncover new opportunities

    Consolidated analytics provide valuable insights for more informed decision making, empowering teams to find new opportunities for efficiency and growth.

  • A man is using a tablet to look at lettuce in a warehouse.

    Master your inventory

    Control all cash and inventory transactions, maximize point of sale portfolio distribution and integrate pre-sales, deliveries and inventory management.

  • A delivery man pushes a dolly carrying drinks.

    Enhance your visibility

    Monitor all deliveries and sales to increase safety, security, and traceability without the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual paperwork


    • Increase sales and delivery productivity

      Improve sales and order-to-cash cycle time while growing your portfolio distribution at the point of sale.

    • Minimize inventory loss and out-of-stocks

      Reduce shelf out-of-stocks and inventory shrink and loss with process visibility, accountability and control of all cash and inventory transactions.

    • Improve customer experience

      Reduce customer disputes, chargebacks and collection issues by eliminating reconciliation paperwork and streamlining proof of delivery.

    • Strengthen supply chains

      Manage supply chains more effectively by reducing lead times, inventory levels, transportation costs and minimizing waste.

    • Powerful data at your fingertips

      Identify trends in retailer and customer preferences while iteratively improving supply chain efficiency and inventory levels.

    • Reduce retailer costs

      When suppliers and distributors place merchandise on shelf and ensure correct pricing, retailers are able to save on payroll and improve accuracy.

    • Electronic delivery confirmation

      Increase traceability through the last mile with signature capture, photos, and GPS coordinates to track delivery history.

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