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Supply chain management

Improve and simplify logistics from end to end

Find efficiencies, automate routine tasks and spend more time creating value with solutions designed to make your business run seamlessly. Maximize your capabilities by integrating multiple Supply Chain Management solutions to create better visibility, control and collaboration across the entire value chain.

  • TELUS Warehouse Management System

    Gain visibility and control across your warehouses

    When your warehouse is in order, every order can be perfect. Better visibility and control of your warehouse operations helps you improve efficiency, reduce waste, and boost your margins.

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    • Track lot and attributes like GTIN, country of origin and harvest location
    • Replenish dedicated and non-dedicated pick slots on demand
    • Support and integrated invoicing for 3rd-party logistics (3PL)
  • TELUS Order Management System

    Help your teams make the perfect sale

    Not all sales are created equal. Give your teams better insights into customer and price management, prospecting, and margins to help them sell more, faster, with better margins, and less time on paperwork.

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    • Verify profitability with advanced pricing and margin analysis
    • Gain visibility and control of prospecting and customer management
    • Order entry is customer-driven for greater accuracy and ease of use
  • TELUS Direct Store Delivery

    Streamline operations and increase sales

    Seamlessly integrate route creation, selling, loading, delivery and reconciliation of route activities to boost efficiency—and the bottom line.

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    • Intuitive design means less extensive training and support
    • Integrated and automated processes to boost sales and productivity
    • Route and customer ordering along with proof of delivery

    Bridge technology gaps to enable better communication between partners

    TELUS EDI helps companies of all sizes exchange documents electronically, quickly and affordably while seamlessly automating processes for more efficiency and less cost.

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    • Meet stringent partner compliance mandates and GS1 standards
    • Error monitoring alerts, error resolution support and reporting
    • Improve collections by automating invoicing and reconciliation
  • TELUS Supply Chain

    End-to-end visibility of your supply chain

    Improve supply chain transparency, dynamically manage risk and save time.

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  • TELUS Sustainability

    Collect, measure and report on the sustainability of crop and dairy products

    A comprehensive approach that uses intelligent benchmarking and data-driven insights to help you show progress towards your Scope 3 sustainability goals.

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  • TELUS Audits

    Centrally manage your assessment or audit program

    Schedule audits or site assessments, capture data and report on performance across any supply chain agendas such as sustainability, food safety and responsible sourcing.

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