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Product highlights

Schedule and manage any type of audits or site assessments

Capture data against your standards and report on performance

Auditors can assign, manage and close out non-conformances

Manage risk, drive improvements and share best practice

On- and offline data capture

Evidence findings with documents and corrective actions

Key Features

  • Conduct large auditing schemes with a quick and easy to use, cloud based platform

    Create, conduct and manage large audit or assessment schemes in the cloud with on or offline data capture. Use pre-configured audit templates and a range of powerful features to assess supply chain partners’ compliance against standards and upload photographic evidence.

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  • Corrective action management

    Create corrective action tasks, manage their progress, review and close out all in one place. Manage follow up and close out of non-conformances through action notifications, review and sign off. Photo evidence can be uploaded.

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  • Visualize and analyze your data in just a few clicks

    Unlock the true value of your data through fast analytics and smart dashboards.

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  • In-built scoring and validation

    Save time and increase accuracy with automatic scoring methodologies and sampling logic while gaining trust in data captured.

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  • Centrally manage audits

    Safeguard your brand reputation and differentiate yourself from competitors by leveraging tailored dashboards that report on performance across any of your brand agendas.

  • Accurate data collection

    Embedded validation rules ensure that accurate, consistent data is captured, while bespoke validation tools allow you to report on performance.

  • Full visibility on performance

    Gain efficiency by sharing best practice with stakeholders at all levels while greater visibility of supplier and auditor performance helps to improve standards.

  • Drive efficiencies

    Our team has years of expertise in developing large, bespoke auditing schemes. TELUS Audit Management can provide your business with time and resource efficiency.

  • Data insights and benchmarking

    Assess the performance of your supply chain by identifying areas needing improvement so you can develop and track plans through rich, actionable insights.

  • Safeguard brand reputation

    TELUS Audit Management helps ensure that your supply chain is fully certified to ensure you’re behaving in accordance with your brand values.

  • Get external audit ready

    Improve your chances of meeting your desired audit score the first time by conducting internal audits before external ones.

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