Understanding data overage charges

Information about data overage charges to your Mobility account

  • Your Choice Shareable Data plans overage rate in Canada will be charged at $10/200 MB for the first 1000 MB (rounded up to the closest 200 MB at the end of the billing cycle). Usage thereafter will be charged at 10¢/MB. Data overages will be charged on a per line basis on all multi subscriber accounts.
  • Data used while roaming in the US is charged at $5/MB. Data used while roaming outside Canada and the US varies by zone. To purchase roaming data visit: Roaming Rate and Travel Passes for more details.
  • Overage charges may vary depending on which Mobility plan you are on. Contact us through live chat, email or phone for your plan’s details.
  • Default data notifications are sent on 90% then 100% of monthly allowance.
  • To avoid overage charges, you may add a data top-up by visiting the Usage section of TELUS My Account or the TELUS My Account app. You can download the TELUS My Account app on the App Store or Google Play.

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