Data top-ups

Learn about data top-ups for your TELUS mobility account

If you need additional data until your next billing cycle, data top-ups are available as an option for most plans. You can add them in My Account or the My Account app.

Note: Price available through self-serve channels. Data top up purchases made through client care will be priced at a $5 premium for assisted service.

Data top-up Price Included data
300 MB Shareable Data Top-Up $10 300 MB
1 GB Shareable Data Top-Up $15 1 GB
2 GB Shareable Data Top-Up $25 2 GB

Once a data top-up is added, it will be available until the end of current billing cycle.

Once all the data in the top-up has been used, any overages will be billed according to your rate plan.

Top-Up Options

You can top up your data in both My Account or the My Account app:

Note: You can download the TELUS My Account app on the App Store or Google Play.

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