Data Manager: How to set data limits

Manage your data usage with the Data Manager web feature.

Self-serve only
Please note that this is an online-only task that can easily be done using either My TELUS online or the app.

Instructions to set data limits

  1. Log into My TELUS. From the Overview page, select View usage details
  1. Set a limit: Select Get started on the Usage page
  2. Overage protection: Customers can set overage protection for the entire account directly from the Usage page by playing with the On/Off toggles
  1. Choose a subscriber: Select the subscriber for which you would like to set a limit for. Select Manage
  2. Overage protection (by subscriber): Customers can set overage protection by subscriber by playing with the On/Off toggles
  1. Set the limit: Enter the limit you want by subscriber. Select Save when you're ready to set the limit

Best practice: Set the limits across the account that add up exactly to the total size of your data bucket.

Note: Data limits are not available for users on a Peace of Mind Connect plan.

  1. Changing or removing a limit: Select Manage on the subscriber summary page. You will be able to delete or update the limit