Keeping an eye day and night so you don’t have to

Get notified when your personal info has been detected on the dark web or if there is suspicious activity in your financial or social accounts.1
A smart phone shows the identity protection screen with no unread alerts while another screen show a credit inquiry alert pop up. A Norton logo and hazard icon are displayed.

Protection helps keep you safe around the clock4

Dark Web Monitoring5

Got hacked? We’ve got your back

We continuously monitor the dark web5 and private forums for your personal and financial data. We’ll alert you if we find something there so you can take steps to help protect your vulnerable accounts.
A happy man using a smartphone protected from layers of Dark Web Monitoring graphics and the Norton logo.

Social Media Monitoring6

Scanning suspicious activities with your social media

Once you have connected your social media accounts, we’ll monitor any suspicious activity online. If your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter accounts are compromised, it will trigger an alert letting you know what we found.
A smartphone showing a thumbs up icon and an Instagram app.
Bank and Credit Monitoring 7, 8

Keep an eye on all your finances

51% of cybercrime victims had money stolen last year.9 We notify you if we detect unauthorised accounts, fraudulent withdrawals, balance transfers or changes to your credit.10 Plus, enjoy greater peace of mind with credit score tracking and access to your credit reports.
A smartphone behind a hedgehog showing an Online Security Credit Inquiry Alert as well as the headline “51% of cybercrime victims had money stolen last year.

Monitor your payments

Worry less about fraudsters making purchases in your name. We monitor your transactions on linked financial accounts, and we'll notify you whenever payments are made with retail financing options like Buy Now Pay Later. If we detect an unauthorized transaction, you'll be the first to know.
A happy woman checking her phone with graphics of alarm clock and a dollar sign. Also a Headline “ “Buy Now Pay Later Alert: $400.95. Payment plan detected. Thank you for your feedback, Delia.”

Don’t just take our word for it

“TELUS Online Security alerted me to numerous credit checks that were being run without my consent. I was able to protect my identity immediately. Had I not had TELUS Online Security I could have incurred great damages.”
Syed, Ontario
Syed, Ontario
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