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Why I won’t be another victim of cybercrime

Shared by Jessica Moorhouse
Take a wild guess as to how many Canadians fell victim to fraud last year. A few thousand maybe? How about
. If that wasn’t shocking enough, how much money do you think these victims ended up losing to these fraudsters? According to the
Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
, over $531 million! That’s an average of $9,222 per victim, and it’s likely vastly underestimated since only a fraction of cases are reported. And in this economy, while we’re still dealing with high inflation and increasing interest rates, I sure don’t have an extra $9k to lose to some scammer, do you?
Over the past few years, as a financial content creator, speaker and host of the More Money Podcast, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with online scammers through social media, email and those dreaded text messages we all seem to get. Thanks to those close calls, I’ve upped my cybersecurity game to help ensure I don’t become another statistic. And now I want to share with you what I’ve been doing to better protect myself so you can too.
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Quiz: How hackable are you?

Do you know what it takes to stay protected from identity theft and scams? Test your cybersecurity knowledge with this quiz.
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Get quick fraud-prevention tips from tech expert Matthew Moniz.
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Aisha, British Columbia
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