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A woman is holding a bag of food in a store.


Help your teams sell smarter

With more visibility into your business and the power to act immediately, your teams can focus on the activities that can help you yield the highest value at the shelf or with your foodservice customers. Sales Enablement & Retail Execution solutions support and connect your teams, enabling better communication and help you make more informed decision making.

  • TELUS Retail Execution

    Close the gap between sales strategy and execution

    Your sales should match the pace of an ever-changing market. Automate your sales team’s point of sale interactions so they can focus on improving the availability, visibility and salability of products in-store.

    • Connect your sales team to your centralized systems
    • Streamline sales, merchandising and delivery interactions at the point of sale
    • See category, brand and SKU performance against competitors
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    A woman picking up a box of cookies in a store.
  • TELUS Rapid Image Recognition

    Turn shelf photos into actionable insights

    Boost your sales team’s productivity. With just a picture of the shelf or display, your in-store staff can validate product assortment, assess promotional performance, track compliance and take immediate corrective action.

    • Assess on-shelf product availability faster and with more accuracy
    • Take immediate corrective action with fast and actionable insights
    • Integrates with TELUS Retail Execution, so teams can do everything in one app
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    A man is taking a picture of a bag of chips.
  • TELUS Order Management System

    Help your teams make the perfect sale

    Not all sales are created equal. Give your teams better insights into customer and price management, prospecting, and margins to help them sell more, faster, with better margins, and less time on paperwork.

    • Verify profitability with advanced pricing and margin analysis
    • Gain visibility and control of prospecting and customer management
    • Order entry is customer-driven for greater accuracy and ease of use
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  • TELUS Sales Enablement

    Set your sales team up for success

    Put your sales team in front of the right customer with the right product at the right time. Get automated sales processes and actionable insights to sell more efficiently.

    • Sales dashboards provide a 360 degree view of your business
    • Build your pipeline with prescriptive targeting, product voids and white space
    • Initiate sales team response with actionable insights from the integrated CRM
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