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The inside of a grocery store with a lot of food.

Product highlights

Connect your sales team to your centralized systems

Streamline sales, merchandising and delivery interactions at the point of sale

See category, brand and SKU performance against competitors

Execute better sales strategies based on shelf and category share

Speed up in-store visits and audits

Reduce lag between issue reporting and remediation

Automate route optimization and territory planning

Create optimal orders through guided selling powered by AI

Manage, update and trace promotional execution on-the-go

Gain better visibility to reduce sales lost to out-of-stocks

Key Features

  • Streamline your in-store activity

    Let the software help with planning, execution and compliance, so your sales teams can focus on increasing margins and gross revenue.

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  • Make better decisions, faster

    Real-time data, fast analytics and reporting lets your sales team act in the moment to solve issues as soon as they’re spotted.

    A person using a cell phone in a grocery store.
  • Learn and grow

    As in-store teams collect more, higher quality data with less effort, management teams can generate insights and reports to inform strategic plans for even more retail success.

    A bakery with a variety of breads on display.


  • Boost your store coverage

    Improved route planning, optimized territory distribution and streamlined audits let your sales team cover more ground and spend more time building better retailer relationships.

  • Monitor compliance

    Give in-store teams access to all the details they need to close the gap between sales strategy and in-store execution.

  • Reduce lost sales due to out of stocks

    Improved in-store visibility decreases out-of-stocks and lost sales, while field teams on in-store visits can take corrective action right at the shelf.

  • Escalate your revenue bottom line

    Quickly address supply chain exceptions on the last mile and ensure accurate brand visibility to help grow your sales

  • Reduce personnel and travel costs

    Ideal route and territory distribution do more than help your sales teams focus—they can help reduce transit time, fuel costs, delays and environmental impact.

  • Compare to the competition

    Measure your category, brand and SKU performance against competitors, and generate insights and sales strategies to help boost your own share.

  • Easy to learn and use

    Efficiencies can quickly improve as your teams start using the intuitive, self-managed and easily-configurable system that works on their smartphone of choice.