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A man is taking a picture of a bag of chips.
TELUS Rapid Image Recognition

Turn shelf photos into actionable insights.

Boost your sales team’s productivity. With just a picture of the shelf or display, your in-store staff can validate product assortment, assess promotional performance, track compliance and take immediate corrective action.

A display of vegetables in a grocery store.

Product highlights

Assess on-shelf product availability faster and with more accuracy
Take immediate corrective action with fast and actionable insights
Track KPIs like product availability, display compliance and more
Track promotion performance at each outlet
Works on most mobile device
Near real-time compliance tracking optimizes in-store time
Improve efficiency and error chance by reducing manual inputs
Integrates with TELUS Retail Execution, so teams can do everything in one app
Generate composite images of large product locations within a single capture
Easy-to-use camera ensures highly accurate photo captures
Track critical KPIs like product availability, display compliance and more.

Key Features

  • A group of people working on a computer in an office.

    Let your sales force focus on high-yield activities

    Visit and analyze products, categories and stores faster for more efficient and increased coverage, so your sales reps can dedicate more time to selling.

  • A woman is choosing a product in a grocery store.

    Remediate in real-time, in the same visit

    Take corrective action on the spot, right at the shelf, with quality analysis and compliance results.

  • An older woman using a tablet in a store.

    Predict future performance for better planning

    Consolidate back-end reports to track performance and predict brand behaviors, capture store-back demand drivers in financial planning, and get better real-time data.


    • Increase store coverage

      Decrease the time spent in-store by automating shelf audits, so your sales force can cover more ground and focus on high-value activities.

    • Track critical KPIs

      Record and assess the on-shelf KPIs that make a real difference, including product availability, assortment compliance, share of shelf, display compliance, price recognition and more.

    • Improve on-shelf availability

      Get quality demand analysis in minutes, so you can eliminate issues early, reduce sales lost to out-of-stocks, and increase brand share on the shelf.

    • Fix in-store issues during visits

      High-accuracy results and compliance analysis give you better, faster insights so you can act fast and take immediate corrective action where it matters - at the shelf.

    • Bring your own device

      With a compatible smartphone device, staff are able to reduce equipment costs as well as time spent training on new systems.

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