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TELUS Sales Enablement

Set your sales team up for success

Put your sales team in front of the right customer with the right product at the right time. Get automated sales processes and actionable insights to sell more efficiently.

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Product highlights

Sales dashboards provide a 360 degree view of your business
Understand sales performance and where you are against your budget
Purchasing insights by product, operator, membership group, distributor and more
Build your pipeline with prescriptive targeting, product voids and white space
Initiate sales team response with actionable insights from the integrated CRM
Access an integrated product catalog enhanced by GS1
Understand distributor performance by contract vs. street
Content and asset management tools support your go-to-market process
Syndicate sales insights and product content directly to broker sales reps
Integrated marketing with CRM for efficient campaign execution and lead routing

Key Features

  • Two people sitting at a table with a laptop and a tablet.

    Actionable CRM and go-to market

    Gain a better understanding of your data and take clear action to boost sales.

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    A product resource built for teams

    TELUS Sales Enablement comes pre-loaded with foodservice customer data and mobile tools to help your teams achieve meaningful impact.

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    Customized insights and analytics

    Combine technology and customer mapping to uncover key sales performance insights that can help you close.


    • Accelerate your sales

      The powerful combination of technology and customer mapping reduces the error-prone work of managing performance insights with Excel.

    • Focus on the activities that matter most

      Connect your systems to uncover insights about your team’s activities and provide them with clear direction on where to go next.

    • Take your data with you

      Access your products, customers, sales and insights from anywhere you can connect to the Internet with a compatible device.

    • Easily collaborate with brokers

      It’s easier to make collective decisions that have a real impact when your internal team and your brokers are all working from the same system and the same data

    • Foodservice focused

      TELUS Sales Enablement was built for the foodservice industry by a team of specialists with a diverse range of backgrounds.

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