How to self-install your TELUS Wi-Fi Hub

Let's help you self-install your TELUS Wi-Fi Hub with these instructions.

: To prevent risks associated with fibre optics, always handle with care and make sure to never look at the end of the cable. Always point the end of the fibre optics cable towards the ground.

: Additional precautions must be taken when working near an electrical panel. TELUS recommends that a certified electrician be hired if electrical work needs to be done.

In order to install your modem, you must have completed the configuration of an ONT, if applicable. Learn more about
installing an ONT

To install it, please start with step 5

To change an existing TELUS modem, please follow the steps below first.

Locate your current modem.

  1. Disconnect all cables connected to the existing modem. We suggest taking a photo for future reference
    TELUS Wi-Fi Hub installation
    For the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub with fibre connector :

  2. Remove the green connector from the fibre connector
    Green tab

  3. Lift the green tab on the fibre connector still inside the modem until you hear a "click"

  4. Then pull the tab to remove the module from the modem
    Install your TELUS Wi-Fi Hub by following these steps :

  5. Connect the new power adapter to the new modem router and plug it into a wall outlet. Your modem is initializing, this operation may take a few minutes
    Modem 2

  6. If you have just changed the modem, please reconnect all the ethernet cables as on the previous modem
    Connect modem

  7. Connect devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets to Wi-Fi using the wireless network name and password on the top of the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub
    Fiber modem

  8. Installing this new modem has changed your current wireless network settings (name and password). If you changed the settings on your old equipment and want to restore on it in order to avoid having to reconfigure all of your equipment,
    download the TELUS Connect app
    and configure the name and password from your previous wireless network

Congratulations, you have completed the configuration and are now connected to your Wi-Fi network. To learn how to connect a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone to your wireless modem router, go to

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