Optik Network Terminal installation (with fibre connector)

Follow these instructions on Optik Network Terminal (ONT) installation.

Optik Network Terminal (ONT) installation steps

To change an existing fibre terminal, please first follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the fibre terminal. It is often located near the electrical panel

  2. Disconnect all cables connected to the existing fibre terminal while making sure to always point the end of the fibre connector towards the ground

  3. Locate the fibre cable with a green connector. It is often located near the electrical panel

  4. Remove the protective plastic cap from the tip of the green connector

  5. Insert the green connector into the fibre connector

  6. The green tab on the fibre connector should not be in the air. It should be positioned this way as shown in the image below

  7. Open the door where the fibre connector port is located on the back of the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub

  8. Insert the fibre connector into the modem

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