Retrieve your Wi-Fi password (T3200M)

What to do if you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi network username or password

To find your Wi-Fi network name and password, locate your modem and find the details as below:

Pro Tip
: If you have previously changed the Wi-Fi name or password and no longer remember it, you will have to

You may see 2 Wi-Fi network names, one ending in
and one ending in
. The password will be the same for both. To learn more, visit
Dual-Band Wi-Fi Networks

: Resetting your modem will revert your customized network name and password to the default network name and password on the device label.

If you are simply looking to change your Wi-Fi name or password and know your current one, visit
change your Wi-Fi name or password

For each personal device that you would like to connect to your Wi-Fi, follow the steps in this article:
Connect to your Wi-Fi

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