Connect to your Wi-Fi

How to join your Wi-Fi

Fix your Wi-Fi connection or disconnection issues

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These instructions will apply to most Wi-Fi devices.

  1. Tap
    to view a list of configurable items

  2. Locate
    and tap on it to view its status

  3. Toggle the Wi-Fi button to
    . The device will now scan for available wireless networks

  4. Tap the Wi-Fi network name associated with your TELUS modem. Learn how to
    retrieve your Wi-Fi network name

  5. Enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted

Pro tip
: You can
customize your Wi-Fi network name and password
to make it something you’ll remember.

Pro tip
: Are you experiencing trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi for the first time? Log in to My TELUS to automatically test and fix issues affecting Wi-Fi.
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