Main Touchscreen Security System Control Panel

Total control of your security system and all of your smart home devices

Control and interact with your home's security system using this intuitive main control panel

$Included in all plans

Compatible Plans

  • Secure

  • Secure + VIdeo

  • Control

  • Control + Video


  • Livestream capable with indoor/outdoor doorbell cameras

  • Use as a visual intercom with your indoor and doorbell cameras

  • 5MP front-facing camera snaps a photo during disarm and records up to 4 min during an alarm event

  • Pair up to 5 smartphones for hands-free disarming


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface with 7" LCD touchscreen

  • Up to 128 wireless zones

  • Up to 2 hardwire zones

  • Up to 242 user codes


  • Standard electrical outlet nearby to power the panel

Self-install the Main Touchscreen Control Panel

Tools Required

Screwdriver (optional to mount on wall)

Installation time

Approximately 15 minutes

SmartHome Self-install app

When you use the SmartHome Self-install app, you will be up and running in no time. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of installing your home security system through the seamless Self-install app.

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