How to Turn your Home into a Smart Home with Home Automation and Smart Home Security

How To and Guides · Nov 19, 2020

Congrats. If you’re inquiring about smart homes, then you’re already well on your way to protecting your home with a smart home security system. At their core, smart homes are systems that allow you to monitor and in many cases, control your home when you’re not there. They can provide increased security, reduce stress and even help you save time and money. 

Having a smart house keeps you connected. With help of home automation and some connected home products, your daily life could immediately become more convenient. Read on to learn more about the key components of a home security system and how it all works together.

Protect your home with a home security system Control Panel

Although they may look like a prop from a sci-fi movie, a smart home security control panel is actually a command central for your smart home. When you’re choosing what works best for your home and family, consider a panel with intuitive, easy-to-use controls that can seamlessly connect to all the elements of your smart home, including your smartphones and various smart home devices (don’t worry, we’ll get to those soon). 

What the tech?

Another aspect to consider is the technology behind the panel. In order to support wireless connectivity, your panel should connect to Wi-Fi, cellular, RF Security, image sensor radio and Z-Wave Plus. Wi-Fi provides your Internet connection. Cellular gives you the ability to connect through cellular data, like on your smartphone. RF Security helps keep unwanted hackers off your security network. And Z-Wave Plus refers to the “mesh network” your smart home products connect through. 

The tech behind a smart home security system is like a super-powered network reserved just for your connected devices. Having the right smart home security control panel, or two, with the right technology provides peace of mind and ultimate home control.

Safety is #1

Keeping your family and home safe is the number one priority, and a smart home security system puts their safety at your fingertips. With smart home devices like smart locks, you don’t need to worry about losing or hiding spare keys. Create codes for every family member and even temporary codes for people who may need to access your home like babysitters or contractors. You can do it all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Safety isn’t only about preventing break-ins. To keep your home and family safe from environmental hazards like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, consider smart monitored smoke detectors and monitored carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. When the detectors are triggered, they signal a monitoring center which immediately contacts you and if needed, emergency responders.

Equip your home with smart home devices

The layout of your home and your comfort level for security is unique to you. So, your smart home security system should include the devices that best fit your situation. Here are a few devices that can help keep your home safe:

Video surveillance security cameras

Indoor security cameras let you check in on your children and pets when you’re away, while outdoor cameras document and discourage prowlers around your home. Also, you can conveniently monitor the situation from your smartphone.

Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

From porch pirates to door-knocking scams, you shouldn’t open your doors to just anyone. Even if it’s someone you are expecting, you may not always be home to greet them. A Wi-Fi doorbell camera offers convenience and safety, allowing you to view, record and respond to someone at your door all from your smartphone and tablet.

Smart garage door opener

Your garage door is the largest door in your home and is often a point of access for thieves. With a smart garage door opener, you’ll receive an instant notification if your garage door is left open. You can even close and lock it from your smartphone.

Security & Savings

We’ve gone through the security benefits of a smart home system and how different home automation products can provide peace of mind, but having a smart house with home automation can also save you money. 

With connected devices like smart light bulbs and a smart thermostat, your home immediately becomes more convenient and energy efficient. In addition to the monthly utility savings, you can also speak to your home insurance provider about how using a TELUS SmartHome plan and installing a smart home security system can lower your homeowner’s insurance costs.

Learn more about TELUS SmartHome Security and our line of smart home products.

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