Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Check on your home, kids and pets while you're away

Keep an eye on more areas of your home with indoor cameras.


For 36 months

One time payment

Compatible Plans

  • Smart Camera

  • Smart Automation Plus

  • Control + Video

  • Secure + Video


  • Records and streams 720p HD video

  • Two-way voice microphone/speaker

  • Watch live or recorded video on the app


  • Support for up to 4 security cameras is included with Video plans

  • Built in Ethernet jack

  • Get motion activated notifications on your phone

Video storage

  • Starts when motion is detected

  • 3000 video clips included with Video plans

  • Video expansion packs provide an extra 5000 clips of storage (available as an add-on item)


  • Low-voltage power (10-36AC or 12DC)

  • WiFi (minimum 2.5Mbps connection required per camera)

  • A minimum of TELUS Internet 25 or the equivalent with another Internet service provider. For questions regarding other Internet service provider speeds please contact 1-855-255-8828