Smart Lock

Let friends and family into your home while you're away

Expecting someone? Utilize our Smart Lock to lock and unlock your door remotely or create a special code for your smart door lock that will only work during the times you specify - great for visitors, deliveries and appointments.

One time payment

For 36 months

Compatible Plans

  • Smart Automation Plus

  • Control

  • Control + Video


  • SmartKey Security technology - Allows you to re-key current key for new lock (existing Weiser locks)

  • Up to 30 user codes

  • Pick resistant, drill resistant, bump proof


  • Comes in colours: nickel satin, venetian bronze and gold brass


  • Fits standard door width: 1-⅜ in - 2 in

  • Fits standard door offset: 1-½ in or 2-⅛ in

  • Not suitable for metal doors