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Agriculture manufacturers

Discover a competitive advantage

Digital solutions that help reduce administrative burdens, and deliver key in-season insights to drive sales. Get market intelligence for better visibility into supply and demand, and inventory to empower planning and decision making.

Solutions to let you work smarter not harder

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    TELUS Data Collection

    Timely and accurate sales and inventory data that helps you run your business

    Collect the point of sale and inventory data your business needs to drive your sales and marketing strategy.

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    TELUS Program Management

    Turnkey incentive program management and calculation

    Increase the efficiency and accuracy of customer incentive and loyalty programs.

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    In-season insights into the U.S. crop protection market

    Market intelligence for crop protection product manufacturers, based on actual sales transactions.

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    In-season sales insights for the turf and ornamental market

    Empower your product marketing strategy with market research built on actual in-season transactional sales data between distributors and end-user customers.

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    TELUS Market Data

    Insights into the Canadian crop protection market

    In-season market intelligence built on grower point-of-sale data in western Canada, with the ability to add TELUS Market View, for additional insights.

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    Data Integration Solutions

    Meet the agricultural integration backbone

    Create accessible and digestible insights by connecting the business systems you need while eliminating data silos.

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    TELUS Label Database

    One of the industry’s most robust label sources

    Get the information you need to apply products safely and confidently, with just a few clicks.

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Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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