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Product highlights

Transaction-based market research using retail-to-grower transactions

De-identified point-of-sale transactions from Western Canada

In-season insights such as pricing, volume, product mix and market share

Based on a successful market model that’s been in operation since 2005

Ability to add on TELUS Market View for an enhanced experience

Key Features

  • In-season market intelligence

    Price, growth, and market share reports that take transactional data and turn it into actionable insights. New data is released each month, no longer requiring you to wait for an end-of-season snapshot.

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  • Three-year study

    Your subscription includes a rolling three-year study on herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed treatment.

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  • Enhance your experience with TELUS Market View

    Gain additional insights with both TELUS Market Data and real-world survey data that captures behavioral trends – to inform your product strategy. TELUS Market View provides a comprehensive view of both CPP performance and crop-level application details in Western Canada.

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  • Access reports when and where you need them

    Quick and flexible report generation and automatic scheduling empower you to view and share unlimited reports – and make decisions on the go.

  • Act quickly with in-season data

    No more waiting for end-of-season reporting. Timely data makes it easy to view market share and adjust in real time.

  • Tailor reports to your business needs

    Filter reports based on product name, active ingredient, date, geography, price, or market share to unlock valuable personalized insights that align precisely with your needs.

  • For the Western Canadian market

    Reporting for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

  • Unlimited users

    Share access to insights across your entire team.

  • Boost your market intelligence by adding on TELUS Market View

    Combine the market size, price, and growth reports from TELUS Market Data with application data from farmer surveys – arming you with a complete picture of the market.

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