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In-season sales insights for the turf and ornamental market

Empower your product marketing strategy with market research built on actual in-season transactional sales data between distributors and end-user customers.

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Product highlights

Transaction-based market research using distributor-to-end-user transactions.

Accurate, in-season, and accessible.

SPCexpress study area is broken into four regions: Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and West.

Virtually unlimited user IDs.

Provides insight into price, growth, and market share, and analysis tools.

Easy to use, and easy to access.

Key features

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    Visibility into pricing

    Essential insights to help you navigate pricing volatility from supply chain constraints.

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    In-season reporting

    New data is released each month, no longer requiring you to wait for an end-of-season snapshot.

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    Clean and accurate data

    Data is cleansed regularly and anomalies are addressed, so you can track industry trends with confidence.

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    Reporting & analysis

    Use pricing, growth, and market share reports that take transactional data and turn it into actionable insights.


    • Gauge price shifts in-season

      No more waiting for end-of-season reporting. Timely data makes it easy to view market share and adjust in real-time.

    • Benchmark performance against competitors

      Track your products’ growth against the market to see how your brands are performing.

    • Shift strategy or respond to changing conditions

      With automatic report delivery, never miss an update – and stay ahead of the competition by adapting your strategy when market conditions change.

    • Justify or adjust pricing

      Price with confidence, using data to inform your strategy.

    • Gather market intelligence for product introductions

      Successfully launch new products, using market intelligence to ensure your price-point is competitive.

    • Empower your team

      Unlimited user IDs allow your entire marketing team to stay in the know.

  • Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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