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Product highlights

Powerful incentive calculation engine

In-season visibility into earnings

Ability to adapt in season

Accurate and on-time payments

Key Features

  • Offer management

    Create custom and targeted offers for your customers, with flexibility to customize rules and track approvals. Save time instead of managing offers manually.

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  • Incentive calculation

    Trust that incentives are calculated accurately, with a fast and robust incentive engine built to handle the most complex programs.

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  • Hierarchy management

    Ensure accurate payments with one source of hierarchy truth.

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  • Reporting for potential earnings and program exposure

    Gain in-season visibility into program earnings and customer enrollment, enabling your team to track accruals to your program budget throughout the year.

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  • Spend more time with customers

    Eliminate administrative time spent managing offers, and focus on what matters most.

  • Have confidence in accurate payments

    Your programs will be calculated quickly and accurately through a robust calculation engine.

  • Avoid end-of-season surprises

    In-season visibility into program earnings keeps your business in the loop.

  • Fix potential issues before payment

    With the opportunity to follow up with customers throughout the season, you can manage payment issues before the check arrives.

  • Work with a turn-key provider who handles fulfillment

    Relieve your team of the burden of payments.

  • Build a source of truth for hierarchies

    What used to be a manual process can now serve as the backbone for accurate payments.

  • Gain visibility into payment metrics

    With in-season potential earnings reports, your finance team will be able to track accruals throughout the season.

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