Set up personalized notifications and alerts in mobile app and web portal

Stay up to date with what's happening in your home

Your TELUS SmartHome & Security system makes it easy to set up notifications to alert you about the important things happening in your home. For example, you can set up notifications to alert you when a user accesses your home. These can be set up in several ways – always know when your kids are home safely from school, or ensure your dog-walker has arrived on time with no-show alerts. These are ideal for regular service providers like landscapers or cleaners. Get notified when they arrive and when they leave, as well as one if they fail to arrive.

There are several other types of alerts you can create for smart access control, including Geo-Services alerts which lets you know if you've left home without arming your security system, or locking your doors. When you receive one, you can simply secure your home remotely through your TELUS SmartHome app.

Have you ever left your home, and questioned whether or not you locked your front door? It happens to all of us at some point or another. Fortunately, your TELUS SmartHome & Security system allows you to set reminders, so you’re never in doubt again. A reminder based on your schedule or location ensures that you always keep your home safe and secure.

Here's how to set up reminders that lets you know if you forget, and enables you to secure your home remotely with one tap on your phone.

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