Adding data top-ups

Learn about data top-ups for your TELUS mobility account

If you need additional data until your next billing cycle, data top-ups are available as an option for most plans. You can add them in My TELUS or the My TELUS app.

Note: Data top ups are available through self-serve channels, including My TELUS, the My TELUS app, the TELUS Virtual Assistant, and by replying to SMS data notifications. Data top-up purchases are not available through a TELUS Representative.

Data top-up Price Included data
500 MB Shareable Data Top-Up $15 500 MB
1 GB Shareable Data Top-Up $22 1 GB
2 GB Shareable Data Top-Up $32 2 GB

Once a data top-up is added, it will be available until the end of current billing cycle.

Once all the data in the top-up has been used, any additional pay-per-use data charges will be billed according to your rate plan.

If you’re using a Peace of Mind plan: At this time, data top ups are not compatible with Peace of Mind endless data plans. We’re working to improve this experience in the near future.

Top-Up Options

You can top up your data in both My TELUS or the My TELUS app:

Note: Download the free My TELUS app.

Data usage notifications

We’ll notify you about any data usage and additional data charges the same way you get notified about your monthly rate plan data.

The purchase of a data top-up is an additional data charge. This means the amount paid for the data top-up gets included in any notifications you receive about additional data charges. So even if your account does not have any pay-per-use data charges, you will still receive notifications about additional data charges if you purchase top-ups.

For more information on data usage notifications, view the support article on: Data usage notifications for mobile devices

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