Back-to-school deals to make your year a success.

Get some ideas and inspiration on how to make this school year a smarter learning experience. Take advantage of our back-to-school deals and save on new devices and phone plans, and stay connected with your family wherever they are.

We’re making back to school a breeze.

Starting school can be exciting, but a little scary too. It’s hard for parents to see their kids leave the nest and head abroad for college, or for kids who find themselves embarking on a brand-new adventure on their own. The good news is, TELUS has made it easier than ever to find the hottest devices and stay connected. Check out our amazing back-to-school deals that’ll have the whole family excited for a brand new chapter.

Get more out of your plan with TELUS Family Advantage.

Stay connected with a TELUS family plan. Choose from a variety of options that’s best suited to the needs of you and your kids. All family plans come with unlimited nationwide calling between plan members, so you can avoid those pesky long-distance rate if your kids head to another province for school.

That’s just one of the many benefits of a TELUS family plan. Each plan is customizable to your family’s needs with data options to suit the minimal users, binge streamers and everyone in between. Right now, you and your family can enjoy 4 GB of bonus data every month when you create a family plan during the back to school season.

With family across the country, managing their plan and checking their data usage to avoid overage charges is easy with the TELUS Data Manager. You can monitor everyone’s usage and even turn data on and off per user. If you see someone burning through their data, easily turn it off avoid any surprises on your bill.

Finally, the more people you add to your family plan, the more you save. So bring the whole family to TELUS, stay connected on Canada’s largest and fastest network, and enjoy great savings. It’s win, win, win.

Kick off the school year with the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note9.

It wouldn’t be a new semester without some new tech. Get ready for class with a smartphone that works as hard as you do, organizes your life, and lets you work whenever, wherever. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is just that. Featuring Samsung’s most powerful battery and up to 1 TB of storage, you’ll be able to study day and night, and store all your work files without compromising on space for your music, photos, games and apps.

Art or design student? Or just a tech lover? You’ll love the Note9’s Bluetooth-enabled S Pen. Use it to take notes in class, practice your sketches on the move, collaborate with classmates or even run presentations. The S Pen is your magic wand that makes studying a smarter, more connected experience.

A smartphone this powerful deserves a plan to match, and with 2 GB data every month, you’ll have the power to study, stream and share whenever you like.

$0 smartphones that’ll help you stay on budget.

As a student, you may find yourself on a tight budget. The good news is you can still get a premium device for $0 upfront. Take advantage of our amazing smartphone deals with select phones available for $0 on select 2-year plans. Save your money for the things that really matter, like books and take-out.

Parents - if you’re looking for great student gifts, our collection of $0 phones is perfect for them and you. When you add additional family members to your TELUS plan, you’ll save $10 per person per month. So the more family members you add, the more you save. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the Family Advantage perks, like unlimited nationwide calling between family plan members and TELUS Data Manager.

A smarter way to study.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is more than just a smartwatch. It’s your personal assistant, fitness tracker, music player and now, it’s your smartphone. When connected to Canada’s largest and fastest network, the Apple Watch has all the features of your smartphone, plus a load of handy extras to make your study sessions smarter.

Connect your school email to your Apple Watch and get all your important updates in an instant; create a smart calendar for notifications when classes start; and for when you need complete focus, switch on the Do Not Disturb’ function to avoid distractions.

From mental to physical exercise, the Apple Watch is the perfect fitness buddy. Leave your phone at home while you go to the gym or on a run and enjoy full access to your music. The Apple Watch is your complete fitness tracker too, so you’ll get all the data needed to track your progress and achieve your goals.

Inspiration for work can strike at any time, and the Apple Watch’s voice note feature means you’ll never miss an idea again. When you’re out and about and that lightbulb moment strikes, just activate the voice note and speak into your Apple Watch. The voice note automatically saves to your iPhone, ready and waiting for when you get back to studying.

The best tablet for students.

When you’re running from class to class, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying a heavy laptop around. You need something small yet powerful, versatile and intuitive. The new iPad is like a computer and easily the best tablet for students.

It’s compact and light enough to carry in one hand, and when you take your seat in class its speed and power will transform the way you learn. Take notes with the keyboard or Apple Pen, or record the whole class with voice notes. You can also use thousands of educational apps to enhance your learning and organization. When class is over, check in on social media to connect with friends old and new.

A smarter, connected car with TELUS Drive+.

Ever wonder how your kids are driving when you’re not in the car? It’s a worry among many parents, but TELUS Drive+ alleviates those worries and provides live updates on driving behaviour, like speeding and accelerating. Drive+ is giving parents across the country peace of mind as their children are taking new commutes to their new schools, and its built-in GPS tracking system means they won’t get lost along the way.

It’s also your onboard mechanic, notifying you in real-time on a number of areas of your car’s health and performance. Get smart updates on your battery and fuel levels, receive error codes to find out exactly what that rattling sound is, and learn how to optimize your fuel efficiency - all through the handy Drive+ app.

And with connected car WiFi, Drive+ makes those long journeys to the cottage a calm experience for you, and an entertaining one for the kids. TELUS customers get Drive+ with 1 GB of shareable monthly data for just $10 per month, with $0 upfront payment.

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