Your first mobility bill explained

Understanding my first Mobility bill

My first TELUS Business bill is higher than I expected

This is likely due to partial charges. Our invoices always charge 1 month in advance. So, if you activated a Mobility Business plan in the middle of a billing period, you will see a partial charge from the date of your activation to your billing date, as well as a charge for the next full month of service. Any partial charges will only appear on the first bill unless there are other changes made to your account in the future.

Example of how partial charges are applied


Calculation to determine partial charge

Total charge on first bill

You signed up for an Office Phone at a cost of $62.95 per month on May 25 and billing cycle begins on June 1.

$62.95 / 30 days in a month x 7 days (May 25 to 31) = $14.21 (partial charge) Note: Partial month billing always assumes 30 days in a month, regardless of the month

$14.21 (partial charge) + $47.95 (monthly charge) = $77.16 + applicable taxes

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