Configure Bill Analyzer to email a PDF copy of your monthly bill or statement

You can elect to receive a monthly statement or bill directly to your email inbox or reprint only one copy

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to My TELUS

  2. Open the
    Bill Analyzer
    either from:

    • Your
      , by selecting
      View and Pay Bill
      , or

    • From the
      tab, under
      Manage Bill Notifications
      , by choosing the account and selecting
      Access Bill Analyzer

  3. If applicable, read and accept the
    TELUS Bill Analyzer Service Terms and Conditions
    to proceed

  4. Select

  5. Select the target account(s) by using the checkboxes

  6. Select
    Order Statement
    (the default is
    all accounts
    if none are selected)

  7. Select a
    bill date

    • Select
      Current month's statements
      for bills produced between the 1st and the 25th of the month

    • Select
      Previous Month’s Statement
      for bills produced between the 26th and the 31st of the month

  8. Select a

    • To obtain a single PDF, select the
      One Time

    • For recurring PDFs, select
      and set the day in the month to receive your bill. Select 5 days after the
      bill date
      indicated on your bill

    • If you have many accounts, we suggest to select the
      Monthly: When the bill loads

  9. Select one or more option(s) listed under
    File Type

    • Online Bill Analyzer Statement
      : a legal copy of your bill

    • Statement and Detail Reports Package
      : CSV and XML formats

    • PDF copy of your print bill
      : A downloadable PDF version

  10. Select one notification type under
    Order Delivery

    • Notify me by e-mail when my order is complete

    • Notify me and any additional recipients entered below by e-mail
      and include a link to download the order without logging in to the application
      Notify me and any additional recipients entered below by e-mail
      and attach the completed order. Files exceeding 2MB will not be attached

    • As an optional step, select
      Send Additional Notification to
      and add the email address of your accountant or bookkeeper. Please obtain the recipient’s approval before proceeding

  11. Select
    Submit Order

This monthly task can be cancelled at any time from the
Pending Orders
tab of the
Download Centre
featured on the menu bar.

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